Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Home or Office

When it comes to flooring in your home, a hardwood floor is a wonderful and elegant touch to any room. While it’s true that the best way to do it is to hire professional hardwood floor installation Orange County, sometimes that’s not necessarily an option and you must go the DIY route. When it comes to DIY, the best way to tackle installation of a hardwood floor is by using prefinished boards. This eliminates the need to finish the entire floor after you get it installed- which saves lots of effort and time.

To get started, you must prepare the sub-floor before you install your hardwood floor. Start out by pulling up any carpet or other soft flooring to get it ready for the hardwood. You’ll start at one corner and use a pry bar or pliers to pull it up.

After removing the carpet and other soft flooring, you’re going to want to remove the tack bar that is all around the room. Remove staples that may be on the floor from the carpet, using pliers to pull them out so that you do not hurt yourself.

If your carpet was glued down, you’ll want to get a glue-dissolving solvent to remove any leftover residue. Finally, sweep the floor and get ready to install your beautiful new hardwood floor.

Install OSB, or waferboard- which is a much less expensive option than plywood, onto your floor. You can simply use a standard staple gun to do this. Then, lay down sheets of red rosin paper to cover the OSB and staple it down as well. This is a one-ply paper that is typically used in home improvement projects involving floors and roofs.

Use a piece of chalk or a pencil and make marks where the joists- the beams that support the floor- are. Then, measure approximately 3/8″ from the baseboard and draw a line. In warm weather, hardwood tends to expand and tends to contract in cold. By stopping your floor at this point, you allow the wood the room to do this.

Your longest straight wall should be your starting point. Place the end of a board along the baseboard line you drew. Be sure that the plank is perpendicular to the joist in order to provide the proper support for the hardwood. Nail the board into place on the sub-floor and joist with a hammer and nail- you will not be able to reach it with a pneumatic stapler.

If you want to find hardwood floor installation Orange County, simply look in your local phone book.